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Wayne Berman

Wayne Berman is John McCain’s National Finance Co-Chair. With a client list that includes Chevron, Texaco, and the American Petroleum Institute, Berman brings transparency to an American public hungry for a new way to do business in Washington.  Not the type to conduct closed-door policy meetings, Mr. Berman organized a series of June fundraisers with Oil Industry leaders that raised millions to help elect John McCain.  A tireless and selfless worker, Berman set up all the arrangements.  All McCain had to do was reverse his long-held position against offshore drilling.

To the McCain economic team, Mr. Berman brings a unique perspective on the current housing crisis.  As Managing Director of Ogilvy Government Relations — one of the few firms savvy enough to profit from the current housing meltdown — Berman wisely billed his client Ameriquest Mortgage before the lender was forced to pay for its role in the mortgage meltdown.

As a former Bush Pioneer, Berman’s deep Beltway roots exemplify the continuity of expertise, wisdom and fancy for fun titles that Americans have come to love about the current Administration.

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